3 Tricks to Building a Successful Marketing Agency

Online marketing is now arguably the most important form of marketing in the business world. According to an annual survey, in 2017, consumers were making 51% of their purchases online, with 67% of Millennials preferring to make purchases online. That means that now, more than ever, it is vital for businesses to have a strong online presence. This creates a drastic need for experts in online marketing.

Creating a successful marketing agency these days requires you to stand out from a crowd of marketing experts to attract the clientele you need to be successful. The demand is out there. But how do you harness it and bring it to your agency? Here are 3 tricks to making your marketing agency a success.

Outline Steps for Your Goals

We all know that goal-setting is important in both your personal and your professional life. But it seems that the majority of goals people set don’t ever get achieved. Why? Simply put, they don’t plan how to get there. So when it comes to starting your marketing firm, set goals for what you want to achieve with your business—then outline the actionable steps you can take to get there.

For example, perhaps you set the goal to land one new client in the healthcare division. How are you going to make that happen? Your actionable steps might include:

  • Attend 3 healthcare business conferences in your area.
  • Connect with at least 10 people in the healthcare industry.
  • Create some sample SEO content for the healthcare industry and post it to your site.
  • Create a portfolio of your healthcare-specific work.

Outlining clear, actionable steps like these will put you on the path to actually achieving the goals you set for your agency.

Know SEO—And Its Results

If you’re in the online marketing industry, you have to know SEO. There’s no getting around that. At this point, it’s not just necessary to compete; it’s necessary to even exist in this industry. So, yes, you need to spend ample time researching SEO strategies, and even more time staying up to date on change to the algorithms.

But, as one marketer stated, “Your clients don’t give a crap about SEO. They give a crap about results.” Your clients don’t want to hear about all your SEO certifications and how much you know about keyword rankings. They want to know what they’re going to get out of it. So when you’re explaining what you’re doing, don’t just say, “We’re optimizing all of your content for relevant keywords and search terms.” Tell them, “We’re updating your content to make it easier for potential customers to find you on Google.”

By talking about results instead of methods, you’ll attract people’s attention, because results are something that any business owner can get behind.

Offer a Range of Services

Different people want different things, and that applies to marketing as much as anything else in life. If you’re only offering one set of services at one price, then you’re losing a lot of potential business. While some clients will want the full-service VIP package, others are only going to want a one-time upgrade to their website. You need to appeal to all of these desires.

Businessman Tai Lopez recommends offering four different packages, so you have a basic option and a VIP option, as well as a couple of options in between. The services you offer in each package can vary from a one-time content optimization on their website to ongoing email campaigns and social media profile management. By providing multiple packages for your services, you’ll appeal to a wider range of businesses with different budgets and different needs

It can take a lot to make your marketing agency a success. But these 3 tricks are key elements in turning it into the successful business you hoped it would be.

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