About Us

A Message from our Editor:

Welcome to my Rambling Soul blog. Here I post whatever pops up into my head. You can find a little bit of everything.

I am passionate about some topics and others not so much. As you browse through the site you will see what I mean.

If you want to know a little about me…

I am an blogger and stay at home dad. I have built a few different business that get me by financially (I’m not rich but am able to pay the bills). I have 2 wonderful sons. They are both in elementary school so I really only stay at home with them after school or when they are sick. My wife works at a local small business office as an administrator.

Overall I have a pretty simple life.

But I do love to write and I figured the best way to tell the world about my thoughts is on this blog.

Thanks for checking out Rambling Soul. I hope you find something enjoyable here.

Mark Walden, Editor

[email protected]

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