Choosing the right type of website for your business

There are indeed many types of website that will be based on the type of product or services you’re offering. Gone are the days where only informational website exists. Today, e-commerce and brochure websites rule the internet.

Basically, there are four major types of website, plus subcategories. Here’s a quick run-down of the five basic models. See which one or combination of these is appropriate for your brand or business.

E-Commerce (Basically an extension of your physical store). 

Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Lazada, Zalora. These e-commerce giants are only a few of thousands available online. E-commerce works to inform visitors about your business and its line of products for sale. E-commerce allows people to purchase merchandise and services directly from your website.

Having an e-commerce website means having a virtual shelves, inventory, and client base. The main goal is to make a profit. This is generally done through an integrated shopping cart software that’s used to purchase products that are then mailed/delivered to the customer.

Many websites also offer digital products including video games, music files, apps, and other virtual stuff. Did you know that is the most popular website used to purchase products with a shopping software? Their revenue is around $90 billion a year!


The main purpose of brochure websites is to inform visitors (the public and specific customer) about a particular business. As you might’ve probably known, the name was taken from the pamphlets that businesses often use to promote what their business has to offer. It tells the story and vision of the company, while at the same time giving the visitor just enough information to make them interested.

These types of site work well in branding a business as a business leader in the industry without giving out too much information.

Squeeze page

Hailed as one of the most concise of websites. This model is designed to get visitors to opt-in for extra information. There’s usually no buying involved right away. The limited content should tempt them enough to give you their contact details so that you can contact them in return later regarding your offer.

Sales page

This website greatly benefits entrepreneurs and business owners in general. Sales pages are depended on evoking emotions of their visitors. It is only one page long that usually contains awesome graphics and engaging content. The focus is to wow clients from beginning to end.

How to get started on my own website?

The first step when trying to create a website for yourself is to register your future website name. It’s the same as registering your business name. Start with domain registration where you need to select a name and domain name extension (.com,,, etc.). Also, do note that the more domains you register or take under management, the cheaper your domains will be for new registration and renewals.

Providers like Crazy Domains PH also have an integrated and easy-to-learn web builder that you can use to create your new website from the get go.

End Note

Now that you know the major types of website and a basic step on how to start one, what’s left is serious planning and the right execution. Take note if you become confused at any stage, you should be able to get in touch with a support staff from the domain provider you’re transacting with. Best of luck!

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