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Logo design is something that a brand needs to be mindful of at the very beginning stages of their business planning.  A logo and a business card represent your personal distinctive style along with the nature of the products that you offer and the philosophy by which you stand. A logo is essentially an imprint for your brand. This is how you initially communicate with your audience and potential consumers.  There are a few things that your logo should be saying:

  • Brand.  It should be immediately obvious to those who see your logo the values, ideas, and images that you want to portray to the world.
  • Absorption. You want the logo to be impactful yet simple and easily recognizable so that when the customer sees it they will identify it with your brand and coordinate it with the associated products on the market.
  • Unique.  Your logo needs to be a one-of-a-kind piece that will stand out over all of the other brands and catch the audience’s attention.

Making your company a recognized entity is essential whether you are a single freelance operation or a gigantic corporation.  Your logo will be something that folks identify on any type of marketing presence. A true logo should also evolve and update over the years as businesses take on new dynamics and grow.  

Can’t Logo Design Be Costly?

When you’re just starting out, getting a professional logo designer can be expensive and something that you may not be able to afford causing you to forego having a logo altogether.  Time is better spent focusing on the mechanics of the business when your budget is tight.  There are options available on the market that will allow logos to fit into even the smallest of accounts. 

Among the options available on the market are logo creator tools.  These are affordable tools that allow you to make your own logo design on a simplistic platform making it so that anyone can do it and the logos come out looking designer quality. These tools are effective, intuitive logo creator options that produce professional work within mere minutes.  You are able to make unlimited revisions to your work using thousands of templates at your disposal and having the opportunity to edit until you’ve reached satisfaction.

By creating your own logo, you have the ability to download a variety of different versions of the logo design that you want so that it can be used in any situation from blogs to social media or letterheads or even on your business cards.  It’s an awesome way to make your consistent branding for your business through numerous channels whether on or offline.

By using a logo creator tool, you’ll be exposing yourself to upwards of thousands of one-of-a-kind templates all organized by each industry category.  These templates are generated by designers who are talented, skilled, motivated, and driven, being from a number of different fields themselves. The editing process to make the logo your own is simplistic but affords you changes to colors, backgrounds, fonts, and elements of the logo right down to how thick the lines are if you so choose. 

Once you’ve finished the editing process, you are able to download either with a background, with a background that is transparent, or PDF file with vector logo included.  With the last option, you are given the opportunity to print the logo giving you the highest resolution.  This is good for printing a variety of sizes–which can then be used just about on anything from billboard size to letterhead to envelope, anywhere you can print. The other options are better suited for your online branding including social sites, email, blogging.


Using a logo maker tool works somewhat differently than what you would expect from a logo design service and that’s because it is not necessarily a design ‘service’.  It’s actually a logo design maker.   This tool allows you to do the designing of your own logos online which will come out looking like professional, designer logos.  The benefits of being able to create logos with a logo creator tool include:

  • All of the control is yours.  There is no one else trying to lead you in a different direction for your vision with their specific taste.  Regardless of the talent of a professional designer, they can’t speak for your brand’s style, message, or language as intimately as you can.  Placeit’s logo creator tool puts that control in your hands.
  • There are no time delays or constraints.  The logo design is all based around how quickly or slowly you want the process to go.  There is no waiting on edits or reviews or answered communications.  Everything is up to your timeline and can be done in mere minutes if you so choose.

A logo design tool is going to inspire design creation simply with all of their well-designed templates. You just need to put in the time, motivation and drive to do the actual logo-maker process. For those who haven’t a single creative cell in them, templates with these tools are so fresh and thought-provoking, they give everyone a starting point.

Customer Service

Generally, with the logo creator tool process, you have access to a team of knowledgeable, friendly customer support reps who are available via email, phone and live chat to assist you with any type of problem that you may come across throughout the designing operation.


Logo creator tools give businesses just starting out the opportunity to provide their brand with a recognizable identification that their audience can relate to, and they do it at a price that folks are able to actually afford. Without an option like Placeit offers, a lot of brands would go unnoticed in the competitive market as not being able to pay for designers to create their logos for them. Using a logo creator tool allows your businesses to have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd.  You can grow your personal brand and you can flourish. 

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