4 Unique Activities That Help Keep Your Work Life Balance As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have it tough, especially when it comes to work-life balance. Running a new business simply takes up an ever-expanding amount of time, and it is always possible to justify spending a few more hours at work. For that reason, it is critical that entrepreneurs come up with hobbies and pastimes that will let them escape the pull of work and spend some time on themselves. In this post we will talk about some of the better options for hobbies that entrepreneurs can use to keep themselves busy. This is a big part of work-life balance, and no matter how tempting it is to just keep working, everyone does better with some R&R.


Wine is a highly popular alcoholic drink in part because of the significant variation in flavor that it can bring to the table, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into a good bottle. Not everyone knows how to make wine at home, and just how accessible winemaking is, however. Depending on how much of the process you are interested in taking on, it is possible to exercise a lot of control over the wine you make. Essentially, the farther back in the supply chain you go, the more you can make the wine your own.

Making wine is fun on its own, but it also scratches a lot of the itches that entrepreneurs have about controlling a process and having work lead to tangible results. Some internationally-recognized wine comes out of winemaking companies that are little more than a collection of gear in a garage. Of course, most hobbyists are not in it for international acclaim, but that just goes to show you that with some equipment you can store and use in your garage, you can make very good wine and put your own twist on it.


Fishing has the reputation of being one of the slowest-pace and most relaxing hobbies of all, but it does not need to be that way. Depending on how you approach it, fishing can be a way to escape all the stress of daily life and take things easy or a potentially cutthroat competition. That flexibility makes fishing attractive to all kinds of entrepreneurs because it comes down to what you want to do with your spare time. In addition to that, fishing is valuable because it has almost infinite variety in the day to day experience.

While you can be pretty sure what you will find at any given fishing spot, you never know exactly what you will haul in anytime you get a bite on the line. That uncertainty is even higher if you decide to fish in the ocean instead of freshwater. There are different styles and approaches to fishing so that you can make it what you want it to be.

There is also so much gear in fishing that you can always expand your collection in some way or another. Whether you’re looking for a new spinning rod, or any other type of fishing equipment, there’s usually an endless amount to choose from. That gives you some goals to set for yourself in addition to catching certain kinds or sizes of fish. Fishing also has a large and active community, so you can always find local fishing buddies or watch the sport on TV depending on your inclinations.

MMA Fighting/Boxing

Training MMA-style is becoming increasingly popular as a hobby, even for people with little interest in competitive fighting. There are several reasons for this. First of all, it is thrilling to pit yourself against another person in a physical match for dominance, even with no stakes and nothing on the table. Aside from that, though, the fact is that this kind of training is usually a very good workout regimen. It combines full-body workouts with an interesting and fun theme that helps to keep you motivated.

The core of training for fights is an emphasis on getting your entire body in peak condition- fast, strong, and durable. That will avoid imbalances or becoming too bulky and combines both muscular power with cardio ability. Actually fighting in the ring has some risks of injuries of various kinds, but the workouts are no more risky than any other form of hitting the gym. If you’re interested in getting to this level of fitness, get yourself a Century Bob XL training dummy and you’ll get yourself into shape pretty quickly. Of course, watching the sport live or on TV is one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment.


Gardening, unlike fishing, is exclusively a hobby for relaxing. It is particularly excellent for entrepreneurs because it involves taking some basic inputs and growing them into something bigger, better, and uniquely your own. Everyone brings their own style and goals to a garden, but the underlying benefit of keeping the plants alive and thriving is common to all gardeners. Entrepreneurs can exercise many of their skills like adapting to local conditions, vision for the future, and persistence while gardening. That means the hobby will have enough commonalities to working to be enjoyable, but be different enough to provide some much-needed relaxation. Nothing is more relaxing that pushing your walk behind string trimmer through your own garden.

Every part of the world has a different set of plants that will grow. Whether you choose edible or decorative plants is up to you, as is the way you choose to solve gardening problems like getting enough sun and warding off pests.

Any of these hobbies would make a good choice for entrepreneurs because they are engaging on their own, but have some interesting similarities to life running a business. If you are an entrepreneur, then you should try out at least one of the hobbies on this list to keep your mind off work when you are trying to relax. It’s the best way to ensure that you can return to your business with a fresh mind and new ideas.







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TomCurren - November 19, 2016


I really enjoyed reading your post and found your relation to entrepreneurship and gardening to be especially interesting! I often find that dealing with a busy schedule it is necessary to make time to participate in activities that are therapeutic such as gardening. Great Post!

Garage Gym Planner - November 28, 2016

I prefer boxing and gardening occasionally 🙂
It is a great post Tim!

Oleg Solodov - July 31, 2017


Oh, I prefer usually fishing. When I feel that I need time to relax and take rest from all world around, the fishing is always the best solution. You can sit on the beach and think about life.

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