5 Essential Features for your Pizza POS Software

For a running Pizza restaurant, having a POS system is a must. But this essential component too needs to have some essential features without which the show would become difficult to run. We searched for the ideal POS systems and among the shortlisted, we found Lavu pizza POS system that placed all these features right.

  1. Simple and Precise

Pizza is popular for its basic quality and convenience that it delivers to the consumers. So should be the POS system, that works behind the screen.  Pizzeria technology needs to be precise, streamlined lightweight and easy to use. And only a humongous menu in a POS system can handle all the demands of customization.

  1. Online Mode of Operation

Running a pizzeria is closely associated with online ordering. When evaluating all the Pizza POS systems, the feature of integrated online ordering system should not be overlooked. The best ones must have a cloud-based system, through which receiving and sending orders could be performed easily and that too directly to the kitchen.

This way it would reduce the possibility of errors and there would be no need to install hoards of hardware. There should be a commission-based pricing too with the online ordering and the delivery dispatch system getting placed right within the pizza software.

  1. Management of Real-Time Menu

In an ideal Pizza POS software one need not have to update the in-house menu and the online menu separately. The software should automatically sync the updates from the in-house menu to the online menu. This will save on several hours in a week. With this, monitoring and editing the menus online could be done with breeze.

  1. Inventory Management

The processes of inventory management weren’t easy going affair ever, till technology stepped in. In a rushing business like running a Pizza restaurant, keeping a track on the actual sales data is a big issue as profit margins are high. Thanks to the latest POS system software today as they gave it a thought and you can make it do the hard work of managing the inventory 24/7 while you stay updated about the latest picture at any point of time. Sort this issue with the POS provider on how the inventory and sales reporting is incorporated in their POS system and how one can improve the portioning the accuracy while saving money over the time.

To make it easy, it can be done while doing the comparison among the different price quotations of the different POS software. The calculation can be done at that time on how much a system with built-in modules and similar capabilities will be able to save in the long run like this. If possible, you can ask your provider to show a POS System ROI Template to get a rough idea.

  1. Regular Reporting of Pizza Sales

The last thing which one should always check out with the pizza POS system, is the reporting feature. Apart from the standard feature of allowing the customers to place online orders, an ideal Pizza POS system should be able to track these orders too and include them in the pizza sales and product mix reports.

In addition to this the POS needs to identify every item in the menu that are generating more revenue and even those that are not.  All these will ultimately help in optimizing the menu. Go for the one which can track the inventory well and calculate the food cost percentage accurately so that customizing the menu on regular intervals would not demand much of a hard work.

The Bottom Line

All these above said features are the ones, which cannot be listed among the add-ons. They are essentials that could not be compromised. So, while choosing a POS for your posh Pizza outlet, don’t even think of settling for anything less.

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