How to plan a winning office event

When you are in charge of an office event, one challenge that you probably have is putting it together. After all, work offices are often diverse, fluid places that are very hard to get ‘right’ for any event. When you worry that your event might not come to fruition, though, we have some simple plans for you to keep an eye on. These should all help you to make sure that you get an office party that feels like a worthwhile experience.

Keep the place free of traffic

One of the most important things that you can do is make sure that you are not going to create an office that feels needlessly crammed or crowded. If you would like to avoid such an issue, then we recommend that you make the most of some mobile bar hire. A service like this will often go a long way to making sure the whole service can feel nice and simple, but it can also avoid the bar from becoming too crowded. If it can be placed normally and without such specificness, then it can avoid the bar becoming too busy to feel comfortable for those who are waiting.

You should look to place any kind of event on the evening around a set of low-traffic areas. Try and allow people to move around freely, and try to create some spaces that will allow people to sit with relative ease.

Get some thematic ideas in place

One of the best things that you could at this point is to get in place some good ideas for the event. So, for example, is your office event mostly to do with bringing someone a happy retirement? Then you should look to bring in some cool retirement-themed ideas. Sunny beaches, smiley, optimistic things that look to the future.

If you are stick, then you should probably look to bring in some help. If planning and hiring people to suit a certain theme is not in your repertoire, then you should look to hire an event management company. They can come in and help you to do the planning for this part of the event. It’s more likely to go as smoothly as you would have wanted if you do that.

Listen to the court of public opinion

Of course, if you intend on throwing any kind of office event then you should probably look to make sure people want to come in the first place. Informally speak to staff and colleagues and find out what they would want to see come to life on the big day.

If you do that, you are much more likely to put together the kind of evening that people are going to legitimately enjoy. For that reason, we recommend that you spend some time listening to the general consensus of those in the office.

Listen and learn, and you can throw a much better office party. The quality of the party is paramount, so be sure to consider the above as you do so.

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