9 Critical Factors to Turn Your Home Office In The Most Productive Environment

When you’re an entrepreneur, you should have a home office that is lively and inspiring. You’re going to be spending much of your waking life in the office, so it’s vital that the space be as welcoming as possible. It should be a space that energizes you, which means really focusing on the design and layout to maximize your productivity too. Desk Placement You’re working from home. This means that you should find a configuration that works best for you. You don’t want to be distracted too much by the view, but a desk facing the window will give you lots of sunshine, which is great for keeping you happy. If you have the ability to be mobile, spend some time outside in the backyard while working too. Greenery and natural light can keep you energized and happy during the workday. Triangle of Productivity In your kitchen, you’ve probably heard of the work triangle between the kitchen sink, refrigerator and counters. In the office, the same concept is at work. Make sure that the storage you need constantly, printer and computer desk are in a triangle that helps increase productivity. Find out what three things you do the most and ensure that you’re giving yourself access in a way that flows smoothly. Standing Desk or Build a Desk If you’re going to be spending hours and hours at your desk, you’ll need a way to make sure you don’t get uncomfortable. All the experts talk about how you should get up from your desk every 45 minutes, but when you’re working on a big project, you probably can’t. A standing desk can alleviate all the discomfort from sitting since you’re actually standing. You could build a combination desk that fits your needs yourself as well. Think about how good that would feel to build your own desk using your own cordless drill? Monitor Adjustment Whether you’re standing, sitting in a chair or balancing on a ball, you should have a monitor that can adjust to the height you need. It’s vital to really think about the ergonomics of your office space. You can cause serious injury to your neck and back as well as real wrist problems when you’re body is not aligned correctly. Spending hours looking up or down at your monitor can lead to headaches and backaches. An adjustable monitor stand can help alleviate those problems. Organization A cluttered workspace leads to frustration. You can’t find paperwork you need. There’s a virtual client meeting in 5 minutes, and you can’t find the presentation notes you printed for yourself. When you have real, clear organization of your space, you’ll be more productive. In the above scenario, you’ll end up searching for the notes or printing out a new set of notes, which is a waste of your time. As an entrepreneur, every moment should be furthering your business. Being disorganized is doing a disservice to your business. Boxes, cabinets, shelves or a dedicated closet can all help you be more organized. Separate Office and Living While you could work at your kitchen table, it’s vital that you keep your home and living spaces separate. You’ll get more accomplished if you’re able to set office times and move yourself away from the traffic of the home. Make sure everyone else knows that when the door is closed, you shouldn’t be disturbed. It’ll help to cut down on the noise to have a closed office door too. Client Meeting Space or Lounging Creatively Along with an office desk and chair, you should have a space for clients to meet with you. If you don’t plan on having clients into your home office, you could turn that couch into a place where you lounge and brainstorm. A comfortable couch or chair and ottoman can be a lovely way to create different work areas within your office space. The couch shouldn’t be too comfortable, or you’ll end up taking naps instead of working. Choosing a Great Color Scheme The beauty of having your own home office and not working in a cubicle is that you get to decorate however you’d like. Don’t just shove a desk and chair into an unused bedroom. Think about how this space will work for you. The color of an office can have a direct impact on your productivity. Blue and green have been proven to work well with creative people and those who need to be more productive. Design Concepts The desk, chair, storage solutions, lighting and decor all have a place in your new office. You should be choosing a style that makes you feel happy, energized and ready to work. The furniture should be functional, but make sure you’re incorporating pieces that are visually pleasing. This is a space you’ll spend hours in, so it should speak to your style and give you pride in the fact that you’re working on your business from an office you designed. The entire office from desk to chair to color scheme are vital components to your home office design. Whether you’ve already moved into your home office or not, consider taking a day or two to really outfit it with all the elements that are going to make you comfortable long-term.

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