A New RamblingSoul

Hello everybody,

Looks like it’s been very quiet here for a long time, and I plan to change that. My name is Daniel, and I’m the new owner of Ramblingsoul.com, your new “rambling soul”, adding thoughts on this blog.

I’ve been working these past few days to make sure that the site is in good working order. Several template archives were corrupted (RS2,RS3,RS5 come to mind), but I was able to recuperate them from their previews folders, so the distributed Zip files should be fine now. Several template previews were not working all that well (a number of incomplete jpeg files, etc.) but I took care of that.

In the next few days I will be working on adding clearer licensing files to all templates. If you need to remove the link to RamblingSoul.com from a template, feel free to contact me and we’ll work things out. Looking through all the files of RamblingSoul, I stumbled upon a couple of templates that apparently have never been published, so I will do my best to have them ready for launch.

I imagine that some of you may have questions about Clinton, and even more of you may have questions about Roshan. Neither of them is directly involved with Ramblingsoul at this point in time, though Clinton and I will probably still be in contact for a while, until everything is being transferred over to me. I have not been in contact with Roshan at all, though after a bit of research it would appear that he’s been visiting some social sites as recent as October, so, I assume he’s doing OK.

Current advertisers may rest assured that their ads will remain in place for the terms they have already paid Clinton for. I’ll be contacting each of you come renewal time, and I’ll be happy to continue to provide you the service you need, if you so decide.

My goal is to make sure that new templates are added regularly at Ramblinsoul.com. So, I will be looking for a talented web designer or company to produce great looking templates (that won’t cost a fortune). Feel free to contact me with offers/quotes/suggestions.

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts.

jackson - November 30, 2011

so r u the new owner. well all i ask is that you guys keep making new templates.

    Bert - December 17, 2016

    That’s a smart way of looinkg at the world.

Daniel - November 30, 2011

Well Jackson, right now I’m working on getting the site in working order. I’ve updated the blog software, removed unnecessary outdated plugins, worked my way through about half the templates updating the licensing info. Cleaning the dust so to speak. But, yes, new templates are a must, and they will come soon.

Cristian - December 18, 2011

Good luck! I’ve been looking around the site and I like what I see.

Daniel - December 18, 2011

Thank you Cristian for the encouragement.

James - December 22, 2011

I am using one of the templates from ramblingsoul.com (I feel lucky) for a personal website. Keep cooking up new stuffs, if there are clean and simple web application admin templates, that would be even better. Have fun and nice life!

Daniel - December 22, 2011

James, I’m glad you found a template that fit your purpose. For now I’m afraid I’ll continue to concentrate on CSS templates, not admin skins. Later on, if funding will permit, I think I’ll go for WordPress templates as well.

Liquid - June 20, 2013

Hey Guys

Since 2007 i`ve been following the Rambling Soul Website Templates. I really like them and looking forward to see HTML5 and CSS3 templates .

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