How To Build An Authority Site

Building an authority site on the web is the dream of many digital entrepreneurs. When your site is an authority site, it will be taken seriously by those who visit. It will also generally be taken seriously by other organizations in your site’s niche. As an added bonus, it is generally easier to monetize an authority site, because authority sites tend to get loads of traffic from numerous online sources. Here are some things to consider when building an authority site for your niche or product.

Narrow Your Focus

When developing an authority site, it is generally recommended that your site has a properly identified focus. A site that sticks to a narrow focus will attract visitors that are looking for very specified information. If the content on your site is too broad, it will tend to lose focus and not be perceived as an authority on anything all that specific.

Provide Quality Information

Whether your authority site is talking about a specific product, subject or hobby, such as dog training, for example, the next step is to provide lots of quality content for your authority site. As an authority site, the content on your site will be judged on its accuracy and factual support. If your information lacks solid sources and does not portray things accurately, your visitors will not tend to perceive your site as an authority on the topic you have chosen for the theme of your site.

Building an Authority Site to Make Money and Review Products

Face it, all this hard work being poured into making an authority site should eventually pay off. For this reason, people make authority sites to generate real cash flow. One way to do this is to offer consumer-based product reviews and provide links to relevant affiliate products that you get paid on when your customers purchase products from your affiliate links. For example, you can find reviews on the best weed eater at

Another option is to try to generate massive traffic to your authority site and from there try to get advertisers to pay to have access to the traffic you generate. That is right, the traffic your authority site is able to attract is valuable enough that other advertisers are willing to pay to advertise their products on your site. Some of these advertisers are willing to pay top dollar for all the exposure they can get, so it never hurts to work with more than one advertiser in order to rake in multiple streams of income when possible. To explore even more great ideas for monetizing your authority site, read the article by professional blogger Greg Mills: How To Make Money Blogging About Something You Love.

Understanding Keyword Power

It does not have to necessarily require a lot of writing to propel your website as an authority site with search engines like Google. In fact, some of the best-ranked authority sites gain a solid authority reputation by simply using the right keywords for their niche or industry in a very natural way. Being conscious of the types of keywords that are significant to your niche and industry, using them throughout your site, will make it possible for your authority site to even compete with major brands and companies selling the same things. One way to get a sense of what words are key is by looking at other websites that are already getting high search engine rankings in your niche or industry. Words that frequently come up time and time again, related to a niche or industry, are good indicators of words you should be using on your authority site as well.


Developing an authority site on the Internet is a marketing art that can pay off handsomely to diligent website developers. Understanding your site’s focus, providing quality useful content and using relevant niche or industry related keywords on your site are huge steps in the right direction. Setting your site up to provide relevant products for your authority site’s traffic to have access to makes it possible for your hard work to pay off by generating the income you always knew you deserved.

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