Here’s Why College Accreditation & Ranking Matter

College rankings 2016

Some individuals remain largely complacent on the college ranking and updates on its accreditation while completing their degree programs. They think accreditation and rankings don’t really matter when it comes to finding a job. And you know what? They are completely wrong.  The main consideration while evaluating a college should be its current accreditation status. Many colleges & universities lose their accreditation after few years so always make sure the college you’re applying for has valid accreditation for offering your preferred degree program.

Colleges with dual accreditation offer more value compared to colleges with single accreditation. Similarly, a college that’s nationally accredited has better acceptance compared to one with only regional recognition. Websites helping students with college matches can also help with this information.

The academic quality and performance of a college can easily be gauged by going through a major college & university ranking source. Times Higher Education, QS and U.S. News are few reliable sources to check college rankings & ratings. Besides ranking, alumni reviews can help you with assessing the overall quality offered by the college in consideration. There are many websites out there filled with valuable alumni reviews to help you with making a right choice.


So if you’re looking forward to taking admission in a college to complete a degree program then going through accreditation and rankings should be your first priority to fully enjoy the benefits of having a degree. 

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