New Template Coming Soon

Hi everyone,

This is just to let you know that I intend posting a new template soon. As with the others, it’s free and it’s going to be a cracker.

I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am. Nothing would please me more than seeing a lot of you downloading it.

Will keep you posted.

Kris - March 26, 2009

Can’t wait!

Pete - March 29, 2009

Any chance in getting someone else to port your themes now that Themelab is not working anymore?

Robbie - April 4, 2009

I just want to thank you for your beautiful templates. I know this sounds crazy, but I’m a professional web designer. My own blog with a theme I designed ages ago has been desperately in need of a design overhaul. Unfortunately I just haven’t had the time to do so. I’ve casually looked at free CSS templates for the past 2 months, finding nothing that I liked. I stumbled here, and let me say you are offering the most usable yet beautiful CSS templates.

Back in the early days of CSS I had an offering of CSS templates just as you do. So, here is a nod of understanding of the amount of work and thought that you obviously put into all of your templates as well as the passion you have for simply putting these together.

Alper - April 8, 2009

I a waiting your new templates excitedly.. Is there any date specificly?

Reapa - April 13, 2009

Nice one cant wait 🙂

keep up the good work.


Ramon Canizalez - April 16, 2009

Thank you for you beautiful work, looking forward to see you outstanding work thank you again… good luck

Mike - April 29, 2009

Great Job my friend your designs are probably the best free design I have seen online. It’s very encouraging to see people like you put your hard labor out there for free so everyone can enjoy and use. Great job!!!

    Rose - April 19, 2017

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Frank - May 19, 2009

Thanks for your work, these templates are awesome!
I`m looking foreward for your new template!


Len Saunders - June 9, 2009

Looking forward to seeing it!

kirby145 - June 17, 2009

Hey, great to see you. Just wondering where you submit your templates now. Don’t know if you have followed it, but opendesigns is trashed now.

I’ve been looking for somewhere decent with an active community. GFWD is ok but it’s very new, I need more than a small site.

Anyway, good luck to you.

Dave Porter - June 30, 2009

I intend posting a new template soon

Any news ! It is now 3 months !

cheers Dave

nickstamat - September 15, 2009

Nothing yet? :/

ww - September 22, 2009


jpondry - October 1, 2009

I recently downloaded your template RS-garden it is clean and smart looking. Just wanted to say thanks to people like yourself who take the time to do this things and give them away for free. I am looking forward to your next set of templates.

lhoylhoy - October 5, 2009

looking forward to it, when will it be released?

Trafik Sigortas? - October 6, 2009


Thorsten - October 8, 2009

thanks for all you have done.
waiting for th new one.


Brent - November 27, 2009

Good thing I didn’t hold my breath on this one . ;P

    Dreama - April 18, 2017

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Cody - December 3, 2009

Your templates are the best I have ever seen. The quality is amazing. I hope you are still working on this new template. 😀

admin - December 3, 2009

Sorry the new template wasn’t posted. There are two of us here and it wasn’t Roshan’s fault that the blog wasn’t updated, the new templates weren’t posted and nothing was happening. It’s all my fault.

The good news is that Roshan is BACK. What’s more, he’s going to be posting new templates on a regular basis starting with the promised one within the next week. Further, it’s going to be a VERY regular posting of new templates! So keep an eye out.

Again, sincere apologies. And thanks for your patience.

xxxx - June 11, 2011

template is not (bad)

Maru - December 16, 2015

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