Coming Up – Reinvent Free CSS Template

Reinvent - Free CSS Template

Reinvent is a new template i will be releasing within a couple of days. It has a narrow 700PX wide one column layout and a slightly different home page design with two columns at the bottom. In addition to all the usual css design elements, I have also included a drop cap technique using css and image to give an elegant look to the template.

Preview - Reinvent

PS : If anyone is interested in exclusive license, shoot me a mail.

A_DUDE - June 13, 2008

Looks very cool, very professional 😀

Roshan - June 14, 2008

Thanks 🙂 glad that you liked it. will be releasing it in a day or two.

victorantos - June 22, 2008

they are all free?

pavel - June 22, 2008

This is very well done template. One of your best work. Can’t wait until there will be a Word Press port for it.

Roshan - June 23, 2008

@ victorantos, of course free 🙂 it’s already released.

@pavel. Thanks for your kind words:)

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