An Insightful Review of Sawstop Cabinet Table Saws

If you are an expert or a novice woodworker looking for a quality cabinet table saw equipment, there are several important things that you have to consider. One of the key considerations should be safety. If you are serious about your woodwork, you should also be serious about your safety. In fact, safety should always come first. One of the best cabinet saws that will offer unrivalled safety, and other great features is the Sawstop Saw, which we cover in more detail here at our Sawstop Reviews page. Below is an insight review of this incredible contractor saw that will help you understands its nuts and bolts.

What Are Some Examples of Sawstop Contractor Saws? Let’s look at the Sawstop CNS175-SFA30

The Sawstop CNS175-SFA30 Contractor Saw is one of the most versatile contractor saw in the market. It is auspiciously stable and offers great performance. One of the great selling points is its contact detection and braking system. The Sawstop saw pushes the envelope of safety further thanks to its unique braking system that detects hand or finger contact with the saw blade within milliseconds. When the Sawstop detects your hand or finger, it stops instantly and retracts the blade; helping you to avoid any serious injuries. The Sawstop Contractor Saw also features other safety features that include a main power switch with lockout keys that prevent unauthorized users from turning on the saw.

What is in the Box?

When purchasing a cabinet table saw, knowing the content that comes inside the box is as important as knowing how to use the cabinet saw properly. Some the content that you wind in the Sawstop saw box include 30-inch Aluminum Extrusion Fence System, 1-3/4 HP Saw with Stand, Blade guard assembly, Riving knife, Owner’s Manual, 10”40-tooth combination blade, miter gauge, and blade wrenches.


Many reviews have lauded that Sawstop CNS175-SFA30 Saw delivers some of the best performance in the market. The contractor saw is engineered to maximize precision, practicability as well as mobility. The Sawstop saw features a heavy duty-trunnion and cast iron table tops that ensure precision, steady and true cut; regardless of the configuration.

The Stopsaw Contractor Saw is also considerably versatile in its performance. It comes with over 100 different potential configurations. This allows you to set the precise configuration that will fit your needs. The blade of the Sawstop saw is also well shrouded to improve dust collection. This also helps in reducing airborne particles.

Pros and Cons

No review is ever complete without stating pros and cons. The Sawstop CNS175-SFA30 Contractor Saw has its fair share of pros and cons. To begin with, the Sawstop Contractor Saw offers the most efficient safety technology. Its safety measure is second to none. Its performance is also laudable due to its smooth operation and accurate cuts. Assembling the Sawstop is also a walk in the park. However, on the downside, the Sawstop Contractor Saw is quite pricey.

Other Specifics

With its great features and excellent safety measures, it would make perfect sense so say that the Sawstop CNS175-SFA30 Contractor Saw will offer you value for your money. Ensure that you purchase your unit from a reputable dealer.

Features Of An Ideal Cabinet Table Saw

Apparently, of all the modern tools in a wood shop, the cabinet table saw is most used. This is because a cabinet table saw is an essential tool that can be used in many woodworking tasks. Their versatility is second to none. This has led to the manufacturing of various cabinet saws that comes with different features and designs. From the basic tabletop version to the full-blown cabinet saw, the options are virtually endless.

The right cabinet table saw cane be determined by its features, which must be able to meet your needs. Therefore, you can use the features of cabinet saws as a criterion to help you choose the right cabinet table. Below are some of the features that make a good cabinet table saw.

The Motor

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a cabinet table saw is it’s the horsepower of its motor. The motors are the heart of any cabinet saw. As a result, a cabinet table saw is only as good as the horsepower of its motors among many other features. It is hence important to ensure that the horsepower of the cabinet saw will be able to meet your woodworking needs. It would be zero game to purchase a cabinet table saw that does not have enough horsepower to cut the materials you use in your woodworking projects. It is important that you also check the voltage of a cabinet saw when considering its horsepower.

Riving Knife

Given that safety should always come first, an ideal cabinet table saw should feature with various safety measures. One of these features is the riving knife. To enjoy kickback protection, always choose a cabinet saw that has a riving knife instead of a splitter. Riving knife are important because they protect the back of the saw blade from catching wood pieces and throwing them right back at you as you operate the saw. The only different between a splitter and a riving knife is that the splitter does not move up and down with the blade like the riving knife does.

Flesh Sensor

As mentioned earlier, safety should always come first in your workshop. However, to enjoy some of the best safety measures on cabinet table saws, you will be required to dig deeper into your pocket. A cabinet saw that has a flesh sensor is likely to cost more compared to a cabinet saw that does not have a sensor. However, the potential danger of losing a finger cannot be compared to the extra cost. A flesh sensor is advantageous because it stops the blade immediately the blade contacts skin. It is estimated that the blade usually stops in less than 0.01 seconds.

Conclusively, apart from the above features, there are other important features that you also need to consider including the dust collection system and the magnetic switch. The bottom line is that you choose a cabinet saw that has the right features that will be useful to your woodworking projects.

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