RS14 New Free CSS Template

Releasing one more Free CSS Template called RS14. This one is more of a corporate / business type template.  Unlike my other templates that are suitable for blogs and wordpress, this one is not easy to port to wordpress.  However, if you are looking for a simple website for your business website, RS 14 will serve your purpose I hope.

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Len - December 16, 2008

Hi Roshan:
Download for this template did not work for me. Hope all is well.

Roshan - December 16, 2008

Len, sorry for the bad link. i have updated the file in server and also sent you a copy by mail.


Shock - December 16, 2008

Thanks! Can you make some mac style css template? It will be great)

marc - December 20, 2008

You rock 🙂

John - December 25, 2008

Hi Roshan,
I converted my site to template RS14 and wanted to say how impressed i was with the quality of the code and design. Thank you!
(for anyone who wants to see how it came out)

waatti - January 31, 2009

Hi, and thanks for this great template! I used it on my site here: (in Finnish only, sorry for that). I modified some parts of the CSS, but still you’ve done great work putting this template together!

Claudio - March 2, 2009

Hi, and thanks for this great template! Is possible to have a menu with dropline for this template ??? thanks for your work

JJ - March 26, 2009

Love this template, I’ll give this template a heavy modification. By the way, I’m still learning on how to wrap the div together. I wrap it before but it looks ugly in IE6 and looks good in IE7. Do you mind to teach?

Hope you can have your forum in your website.:)

You CSS is super PRO. 🙂

Alper - April 10, 2009

Is this template adaptable to WordPress? Thanks for this greate template..

Alper - April 21, 2009

I am so sorry, i’ve seen now it is for WordPress.. Agaim excuse me 🙁

Phil - May 11, 2009

Please make this a wordpress template!

lance - August 31, 2009

I LOVE this theme but i am having a problem with the pages. I cant get the page to post material. I create a new page and just type text and the text wont show up. Everything else is working great on the page. Just not the content area. HELP PLEASE!! 🙂

lance - September 1, 2009

can you please help with the previous comment? im kinda working on a deadline?

lance - October 12, 2009

Hey Roshen,
Go the template working but I do need help with one tiny problem. How can I make the comment box show up for each post on the home page? I have them showing up on the individual post page just not the home. Can you help?

David Weigel - October 15, 2009

I just put up my website using this template – . One friend took a look at it and said, “Your website is awesome! The design looks good, and the content is a good mix of information, sales, and humor. . . . It is exciting that you have a good website.”

Thanks Roshan for the really nice template. Peace be with you.

mike - October 23, 2009

That’s a great template. Thanks!

Maltha & Fido - January 31, 2010

Hi Roshan,

we have been using your template for over a year now and are just as much in love with it, as when we first found it. Yes, over a year we have added and changed a couple of things, but the base code is still there. Very well done, we have loved it from the start and are sticking to it for sure!!

Jarred - September 25, 2015

I’d like to find out more? I’d care to find out more details.

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