Why Is Notarization Needed for A Birth Certificate Translation in The US?

Notarization is also known as “notarial acts.” It involves a three-part process by a notary public that involves examining, certifying and record keeping. It is the standard process to prevent scam and assure the people in the matter of the birth certificate translation notarized, is genuine. Mostly, documents required in immigration, banking activities, or in courts are mandatory to be notarized.

For birth certificate translation recognition in the immigration process, notarization is an essential step. Often it is needed to provide genuinely notarized with certified translations if the language of the birth certificate is not English.

In the USA notaries are designated by states. Notary’s duties may differ extensively from state to state, and often Notary Public in one state cannot notarize certificates from another state unless he/she has worked there as well or there is a mutuality agreement between the states in a subject. Notary Public can have a duty “at large” or from a particular county, but in most situations, they can notarize documents from anywhere in the state, but, there may be certain restrictions forced by the state to notarize documents from a particular county only.

Verifying a birth certificate translation involves the notary process with extra-legal requirements beyond those used for other types of documents. If you need a birth certificate translation notarized, there is a specific procedure that you need to understand in the US. Failing to follow the process set by law in your state will preclude you from getting the type of authenticated document you require. Although the rules regarding an authenticated birth certificate vary slightly from state to state, the procedure to get this type of certificate is substantially the same.

Notarizing officers at the U.S. Embassies and Consulates expect the personal presence of the person asking the notarial service; verify the identity of the person asking the service; determine that the person knows the nature, language, and importance of the document to be notarized; and verify that the person is not acting.

Also, the notarizing officer must be observed that the act does not come within the purview of the governing bases for denial to provide the notarial service. The notarizing officer is usually familiar with the regulations of the foreign country, U.S. law, and treaty commitments, or discuss the Department of State when a topic is in doubt. In addition to the normal functions of notaries related to declarations, affidavits, and statements, most notarizing officers may verify documents, a governmental act which is not made by notaries in the United States.

Importance of notarization

A notarized birth certificate translation in the US helps to verify that you are the one signing the document. So, the sole purpose of notarizing a certificate is to prevent any document cheating and or identity theft by preventing people from presenting a fake document. A notarized certificate which is confirmed by a notary public also assists in protecting the powers of the citizens who might otherwise be used and also a lot of court actions may be avoided if a notary verifies the document of a transaction.

It is not compulsory to notarize all the documents, but in some cases notarization of documents are necessary. Because if you do not notarize the birth certificate translation which requires to be notarized for the immigration process, then its legal validity will be uncertain which may lead to denial of such certificates.

The appearance of a notary seal in birth certificate translation verifies that genuine person placed the signatures in that certificate and it is not fabricated.


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