5 Situations Where You need an Emergency Locksmith

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You reach into your pocket and realize something terrible. A cold sweat starts to creep over you as you frantically continue your search for your keys that you knew were right in your pocket half an hour ago… or were they? Maybe you left them somewhere. They might have fallen out of your pocket when you were sitting on the sofa in the coffeeshop. They could be anywhere. You just know that they aren’t in your pocket. There are many different types of scenarios where you might find that you need to have the help of emergency locksmiths. Let’s take a closer look.

Getting Locked Out

It’s a terrible feeling, but we will all experience it at some point. The odds are against us. At some point, you will find that you have been locked out of your house or car. Perhaps you ran out to get the mail only for a gust of wind to shut the door behind you. If the lock on the doorknob was engaged, you could be locked out.

When you reach a parking lot, you might put your keys on the seat next to you in the car while you text someone back. You get distracted by the text, step out of the car, shut the door and only later realize that the keys are inside… and the car locks automatically.

Losing the Keys

One of the other reasons that you might find that you need to have an emergency locksmith is when you simply can’t find the keys. Everyone misplaces their keys – some with more regularity than others. However, it is usually possible for the keys to be found again. Sometimes, though, when the keys are lost, they are gone for good. At this point, you will need to call in a locksmith.

Moving to a New House

If you move into a home, there is no telling just who has keys for that property. You want to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible. This means that you need to have your locks and keys replaced for your property.


If you have suffered a break-in at your home, whether the locks are damaged or not, you will want to have the locks replaced right away. This is especially true if you notice that some of your keys are missing. The thieves might have taken them.

Broken Keys

There are also cases where the key simply breaks off right in the lock. You will then need to get in touch with the locksmith, so they can attempt to remove the bit of key that is in the lock, and then open the lock for you and replace the key. Other times, they might not be able to get out the key fragment, and they might need to replace the entire lock.If you don’t think any of the above could happen to you only time will tell. Most people at some point in their life will be in a situation where they or someone who is close to them needs to have some help from the emergency locksmiths in the area.

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