Review: Thrive Themes for WordPress

Here’s a quick review of a new theme provider I discovered a few weeks ago: Thrive Themes– Thrive themes can be collaborated with the use of Thrive Leads – an amazing, high-converting list-building program for online marketers. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

thrive themes

No Need to be Technically Efficient

That is because Thrive Themes allows you to build well-formatted websites without technical knowledge or expertise. The Thrive Themes concept for WordPress is based on the Thrive Content Building plug-in, which makes it possible for you to build high-convert sites utilizing user-friendly designs.

How Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads Collaborate


While Thrive Themes allows you to develop sites that can be easily adapted to a variety of different platforms and pages, Thrive Leads enables you to take opt-in content and build a niche customer base – one that is primarily interested in your service or product.

An Example of a Thrive Theme Design

The reason Thrive Themes is different than other WordPress themes is because “Thrive” concentrates on conversion activity. Therefore, everything about the format of the site is meant to draw customer interest and keep the activity ongoing. Take a look at this site that uses both Thrive Themes and Thrive leads.

The Content Builder

Maybe my favorite feature: according to statistics, as many as 80% of site visitors will leave a site and not return – all the more reason to build a Thrive platform. The Content Builder plug-in for Thrive makes website changes or additions simple to effect.

Lead Generation Becomes Less Grueling

Lead generation becomes an easy process when you include a Thrive Themes plug-in on your WordPress site. The themes produced by Thrive not only look like the other well-designed themes featured by WordPress, they also include those all-important built-ins that quickly convert customers and generate leads. The Thrive Themes software includes revenue-generating content in the form of:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Thank you pages
  • E-mail confirmations
  • Video sales pages

What else ?

A lot of form templates are available with Thrive leads

A lot of form templates are available with Thrive leads

The plugin stands out because they focus on developmental goals and sales-generating objectives, thereby making it easier for site visitors to navigate and interact. Use a Thrives Theme design and you will also highlight the following advantages:

  • A mobile ready platform – one which can be adapted to various sizes of screens;
  • Built-in Google fonts ( select any you wish from Google)
  • An image optimizer, used to speed up the load time or shrink an image size
  • Relative posts, opt-in type forms, and social sharing features that reduce the need to include additional plug-ins for WordPress sites

The automatic compression feature for images and a focus on lean code makes Thrive Themes a platform that is built for speed and user readability. Conversion elements like click-to-call numbers and targeted focus areas enable you to grow your mailing list through Thrive Leads more quickly. The Thrive Leads application has been shown to be the best way to convert customers, retain them and increase online marketing activity.

Collect leads !

Therefore, to complement your Thrive Themes site, you will want to make use of the WordPress plug-in, Thrive Leads. According to research, the best way to convert customers and retain them is by the use of a mailing list.

Thrive Leads, which builds lists for online marketers, provides the Internet user with the most powerful way to profit online. Thrive Leads turns a WordPress site into a lead generator and conversion builder. The application is known to build mailing lists faster than any other type of e-mail list-building software today.

The A/B Feature

The list-maker features A/B or split testing, ensuring that your lead capturing pages and opt-in triggers are customized for your market are properly utilized. A/B testing is the best method used to double conversion rates. Plus, using Thrive Leads enables you to make your offers more relevant, all which boosts credibility and confidence.